What our Participants Say

Leading for Success Consortium Program

'I was very impressed. Really good mix of theory and practical. Great case studies and simulation exercises. Really inspiring professor who mixed humour with serious learnings.'

'I have really enjoyed the high tempo and the level of interaction with faculty and the other course participants. Great shared learning experience!'

Mr. Simon Childs, Managing Director, Head EMI

High Potentials Leadership Consortium Program

'Wonderful and impressive, I have truly enjoyed and have learnt tremendously from not just all the great speakers but also from my team.'

Dr. Michelle Cheung Wong, Consultant, Family Medicine & Primary Healthcare, Hong Kong East Cluster, Hospital Authority

Managerial Decision Making and Leadership Program

'It completely helps & changes the way of thinking we used to be. Traps we are unaware, new way to find out & solve problem, guide us to use the right tools to decision making. Focus on goals & baseline.'

Ms. Dara Tsui, General Merchandise Manager, VF Asia Ltd



刘思凡, 助理总经理, 腾讯公司



程绍基, 副总经理, 顺联商业百货

Big Data Applications in Business Program

'Very interesting classes, make me realize how powerful data driven decision and strategy are. I recommend this program!!!'

Mr. Hugh Aguado, Asia IT Director, Beaumanoir Garments Ltd

Effective Negotiations Program

'Learning opportunities with fun, enjoyment and real practicalities!'

Mr. Teruce Yuen, Global Legal and Compliance Director, SML Group Ltd

Corporate Innovation and Growth Program

'Combine academic and practical knowledge together. Have a good time for my own reflection.'

Mr. Addison Leung, Director, Finance, AGENDA (HK) Ltd

Strategic Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers Program

'The program provides good exposure to candidates from non-finance background which can be very handy in fine tuning the modus of operation to maximize returns on investment.'

Mr. Vivek Rozal, Technical Manager, Fleet Management Ltd

Fintech for Non-technical Executives & Professionals

'Professors that shared with us in this Fintech program are not only academics, but also at the frontline with in-depth and hands on knowledge.

Ms. Irene Mok, Vice President (Operations), SME Financing Guarantee, Treasury & Valuation, The Hong Kong Mortgage Corporation Ltd & HKMC Insurance Ltd)