How Will You Benefit

World Class Faculty

HKUST Business School is home to both experienced academic scholars and bright young faculty. Our faculty team is from renowned universities with extensive experience in both executive teaching and industries worldwide. Inspiring people for continued success is our goal.

Global Perspectives

To address the specific learning needs from executives and business leaders and to embrace new and greater challenges, our world class faculty contribute their expertise and insights, bring together multi-disciplinary management, innovative and cutting-edge knowledge from all over the world to our programs.

Diversified Participant Mix

Differing perspectives can be of great value. Our open programs not only boost executive abilities and improve performance; they also offer valuable chance to interact with diverse group – seasoned executives from various industries, functions and regions.

Rewarding Learning Experience

Busy executives and business owners can tap into our intensive program schedule and state-of-the-art learning environment, and immediately apply what they learnt as well as refresh their minds to generate new insights to ensure a solid return and high-impact learning result.

Networking Opportunity

To network, share experience, and exchange insights with peers with extensive managerial experience are value-added benefits for participants to drive career and company to new levels of success.

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