World Class Faculty

HKUST Business School is home to both experienced academic scholars and bright young faculty. All hold PhDs from internationally-acclaimed universities and senior faculty members have gained extensive teaching experience at major business schools around the world.

Faculty by Nationality

As of October 2018


Faculty Profile

Prof Entela Benz-Saliasi PhD, Swiss Finance Institute
Prof Hilton Chan PhD, HKUST
Prof KC Chan PhD, University of Chicago
Prof Roger Chen PhD, University of Texas at Dallas
Prof Steven DeKrey PhD, lowa
MBA, Kellogg, Northwestern
Prof Chris Doran MBA, INSEAD
MEng, Cambridge University
Prof Laurence Franklin MBA, JD, Stanford University, CPA
Prof Vidhan Goyal PhD, University of Pittsburgh
Prof Xinyu Hua PhD, Northwestern University
Prof Allen Huang PhD, Duke University
Prof Kai-lung Hui PhD, HKUST
Prof Roger King PhD, HKUST
MSEE, New York University
Prof Tat Koon Koh PhD and MSc., Carnegie Mellon University
Prof Stephen Nason PhD, University of Southern California
Prof Mitya New MA, Johns Hopkins University
Prof Winnie Peng PhD, HKUST
Prof Joseph Salvacruz PhD, University of Kentucky
Prof Jaideep Sengupta PhD, Anderson Graduate School of Management, UCLA
MBA, Indian Institute of Management
Prof Bilian Sullivan PhD, Stanford University
Prof Kar Yan Tam PhD and MS, Purdue University
Prof Caroline Wang MSc, Harvard University
MA, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Prof Yan Xu PhD, Strathclyde University, UK
Prof Jerome Yen PhD, University of Arizona
Prof Rong Zheng PhD, New York University